Royer’s TEC Award winning R-101 ribbon microphone is on sale for $695.00 (US) for a limited time!

With an R-121 ribbon element and R-121 transformer, the R-101 has all the warmth and smoothness you’d expect from any Royer ribbon, with the legendary high SPL handling of our R-121.

The R-101 includes our ground-breaking 3-layer wind screen system, protecting the ribbon element from wind and reducing proximity effect on close miking. It also has an internally shock-mounted ribbon transducer, further protecting the ribbon from shocks and vibrations.

The R-101 is hand-build in Burbank California and comes with a lifetime guarantee. This is the best time ever to get your hands on a new R-101!

Check out the links below for information on the R-101 and where to find dealers.