Leading acoustic treatment manufacturer GIK Acoustics is making a profound impact on room treatments with the launch of the Impression Series – a line of acoustic panels and bass traps with beautifully decorative plates that deliver a visual statement to enhance any room.

The Impression Series panels are ideal for creating an even balance of low end absorption without losing high frequency presence. The rigid plate not only gives the panel a stylish appearance but also helps reflect/scatter high frequency content in the room giving the proper balance needed.

GIK offers the Impression Series panels in

– FIVE elegant designs: Bubbles, Checkerboard, Gatsby Arches, Mod Geometric, 3D Cubes

– THREE standard sizes: Square (24” x 24”) | Narrow (12” x 48”) Rectangle (24” x 48”)

– THREE levels of absorption: 2” thick | 4” thick | 6” thick

– THREE plate finishes: Blonde wood veneer, black rigid vinyl, white rigid vinyl

The Impression Series panels not only perform well in critical listening environments (audio rooms or studios) but are a perfect fit for any space. Designed to enhance any setting, the Impression Series panels are ideal for professional, household, or public places where the room acoustics interfere with enjoyment or productivity. The Impression Series panels are effective in any space where speech intelligibility is compromised or the room has too much reverberation and is too loud.

“We understand the appearance of conventional acoustic panels may not appeal to everyone,” said Glenn Kuras, President of GIK Acoustics. “That is specifically why we developed the Impression Series to have a visual as well as an aural impact. We are proud to offer a line of acoustic treatments that are not only superior at controlling the acoustics of a room, but will transform the look and aesthetic of a room as well.”

Always expanding their acclaimed portfolio of acoustic treatments, GIK Acoustics will launch the Impression Series worldwide on January 15, 2017. The Impression Series will make a public debut at The NAMM Show in Anaheim. To learn more, click on the link below.

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