Bringing Focusrite customers innovative plug-ins every month, Plug-in Collective is offering Studio Session Analyzer from Flux until 31st January 2017.

Providing they have a registered Focusrite hardware product, Focusrite customers will be given Studio Session Analyzer in this month’s offer. Additionally, they can receive 50% off the Flux Studio Session Pack or Flux Analyzer Essential upgrades. Focusrite customers simply need to follow the instructions at the top of their account pages to enable them to access these deals.

Studio Session Analyzer is a standalone application providing a comprehensive range of analyser options for any imaginable audio analysis and measurement applications. Studio Session Pack contains the following plug-ins: Pure Compressor, Pure Expander, Pure Limiter, Epure, Syrah, BitterSweet Pro, Verb Session, Studio Session Analyzer. Pure Analyzer Essential is the next generation real time analyser system.

Last year, Plug-in Collective worked with software companies including iZotope, Eventide, Sound Radix and Positive Grid to bring incredibly successful plug-in offers every month. Plug-in Collective will continue to offer Focusrite customers new deals throughout 2017.

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