Editorial Calendar 2017

January (Keyboards & Controllers)
Editorial Focus: What gear is best for you!
Ad Space Reservation: October 27, 2016
Ad Material Due: November 11, 2016

Editorial Focus: Vocals! Techniques & Gear Issue
Show Distribution: Winter NAMM, Anaheim, CA
Ad Space Reservation: November 23, 2016
Ad Material Due: 
December 16, 2016

March (Monitoring & Sound Reinforcement)
Editorial Focus:Monitoring & Sound Reinforcement
Ad Space Reservation: December 21, 2016
Ad Material Due: January 13, 2017


April (Songwriters)
Editorial Focus: Songwriters – On Stage & In the Studio
Show Distribution: Soundcheck Show, Mexico City, Mexico
Ad Space Reservation: January 26, 2017
Ad Material Due: February 10, 2017

May (Billboard Latin Music Conference Distribution)
Editorial Focus: 21st Anniversary/Latin Music Special Issue!
Show Distribution: Billboard Latin Music Conference, Miami FL
Ad Space Reservation: February 24, 2017
Ad Material Due: March 17, 2017

June (Digital Audio Issue)
Editorial Focus: DAWs, Interfaces, and More
Ad Space Reservation: March 30, 2017
Ad Material Due: 
April 14, 2017

Editorial Focus: Guitar & Bass – Excite Your Sound!
Show Distribution: Summer NAMM, Nashville, TN
Ad Space Reservation: May 2, 2017
Ad Material Due: 
May 19, 2017

August (Microphones)
Editorial Focus: The Right Mic For the Job
Show Distribution: Expo Músico Adictos, Mexico City, Mexico
Ad Space Reservation: May 31, 2017
Ad Material Due:
 June 16, 2017

September (FOH/Mixing) 
Editorial Focus: Mixing and more
Show Report: Summer NAMM Report
Ad Space Reservation: June 28, 2017
Ad Material Due: 
July 16, 2017

October (AES Distribution)
Editorial Focus: Pro Audio – Miking, Monitoring, Mixing, and More
Show Distribution: AES, N.Y., Los Angeles
Ad Space Reservation: August 2, 2017
Ad Material Due: 
August 18, 2017

November (PASIC Distribution)
Editorial Focus: Drums! – Real & Virtual
Show Distribution: PASIC Convention
Ad Space Reservation: August 30, 2017
Ad Material Due: 
September 15, 2017

December (BUYERS’ GUIDE) 
Editorial Focus: For the Performing & Recording Musician
Show Report: AES
Ad Space Reservation: September 27, 2017
Ad Material Due: 
October 13, 2017